Hope & Loos Railway Company: Scenery

Scenery projects

Since I have no room yet for the complete layout but do not want to wait any longer with building something I decided to start with little modules. The modules do not require a lot of space but allow me to build something and work on my building skills.

Module 1: Coal mine

The first module is the old coal mine. While cataloging all my old railway items I came across the old coal mine. Completely taken apart and even modified to serve another purpose. I decided to rebuild it and turn in to one of the themes of the Hope & Loos Railway Company. I took photographs of the process and will share with you how I rebuild it. You can find the track plan under Topics and of course under Track as part of the complete layout.

Module 2: Mesa forest

Mesa forest is the entry area to the coal mine of Swartz & Digger and the wood processing company Treetopple Lumber Company.

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Module 3: Loc shed and turntable

This module contains the turntable and the polygonal locomotive shed. The shed will be build from scratch.

Module 4: To the bridge

The tracks leading to the bridges crossing the Froth Clough.

The old tree

In a part of a garden pot plant which died I saw a nice old tree for the HnL layout.

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