Railway Topics


The topics covered on the Hope & Loos RC model railway are:

  • Steam depot
  • Station
  • Coal mine
  • Wood processing company
  • Panorama track section

Steam depot

The steam depot has a regional function and can service multipe trains at once.

The steam depot consists of a roundhouse with room for 9 locomotives. All tracks can be reached by means of a turntable.

Locomotives can be serviced in the depot with coal, water, sand and firewood. There are also utilities for ash removal, boiler washout and repairs.


The Station is situated on a double track main line.

Coal Mine

Track plan of the coal mine area.

I am now working on a module of the coal mine. To give you an idea of how it looks, here is a picture.

Personnel train

This train will provide the transport of personnel, tools and material for the coalmine.

Wood processing company

Has not been designed yet. I drew a preliminary track plan but have no idea of buildings and surroundings yet.

Panorama track section

In version six of my track plan I redesigned the panorama track section. The tracks are on a different level slightly apart from each other. There is a river to cross so there are two bridges. Somewhat above is a view on the gallery where you can see the trains in the reverse loop passing by.

Impression of the panorama track section

Hope & Loos Railway Company